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Shul Buddies

Mission Statement

Shul Buddies, a committee at Beth Sholom Congregation, provides practical assistance, compassion and friendship to anyone in need in our community. We will focus on the common bonds between the helpers and those who need help and strive to involve every single member of our Congregation. 

We are honored to start a new program at Beth Sholom called Shul Buddies to reach out to people who need help, such as home bound congregants, new parents, people who are ill or people who have had a recent loss. Each person in your household is invited to participate. Examples of the activities we are planning include: cooking, doing errands, rides to shul, and making phone calls. If you are able to cook and do not keep a kosher home you can contribute if you prepare a dairy or vegetarian meal.
Time commitments can be as much or as little as one's schedule permits. If everyone can help with one activity, think of how many people we can reach. We are hoping to have enough volunteers to touch everyone who has a need at Beth Sholom. To sign up or express interest, click here.

For more information: email or Phone is  215-887-1342 ext 233

Janet Wischnia
Susan Markowitz
Agnes Kraus
Ruth Bluethenathal-Appel

Tue, July 7 2020 15 Tammuz 5780