Daily Worship Schedule


Daily Minyan (Prayer Service)

·      Every morning throughout the year there is a minyan at Beth Sholom*
*Monday & Thursday 7:20 AM; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30 AM; Holidays and Rosh Hodesh 7:10 AM; Sunday 9:00 AM.

·      A light dairy breakfast is served after the morning minyan.

·      The Torah portion is read on Monday and Thursday mornings and Saturday evenings.

·      We hold our weekday evening service jointly with AJ at 7:00 PM, alternating each month at Beth Sholom or Adath Jeshurun. Starting May 1, 2016, services will convene at AJ and then will convene at Beth Sholom June, 2016. Odd months will be held at AJ and even months at Beth Sholom.

·      We hold our Sunday evening service at 7:00 PM, except for the winter, when we hold our Sunday services at 5 PM.  We alternate the Sunday evening service with Adath Jeshurun on a monthly basis. Check our schedule for the Sunday location.

·      Kaddish (the Mourner’s Prayer) can be said to commemorate a Yahrzeit (anniversary of a death) at any of our minyanim.


To volunteer for evening minyan please click here.