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About The Brodie Family Early Learning Center


“Thank you for the
extraordinary work you
have done to get the
preschool up and running
and to keep it going
throughout the Fall. You
are all an important part
of (our child's) growth and
development. He loves
coming to school and loves
learning. That is no small
accomplishment. Thank
you so much for being part
of his life.”

“Thank you, Eileen. I
was, am and always
will be grateful for
your tremendous help
throughout the years and
of course for the entire
team at Beth Sholom.”

“We are so happy to have
(our child) back at Beth
Sholom and that she is
adjusting so well. We
are anticipating another
wonderful school year
for 2021-2022. Our
enrollment will be similar
to the pre-pandemic
school year. There is a
full calendar of special
activities planned for our
children and their families.

Nine years ago, we approached the Brodie family with a dream: Beth Sholom
Congregation should house the premiere preschool for young families looking for
a quality Jewish early learning experience on the Old York Road Corridor. With
six Jewish preschools in a two-mile radius, we knew that the marketplace was
crowded. But we believed that if we could offer the highest quality education and
Jewish enrichment; if we could help ease the financial burden on young Jewish
families struggling to make preschool tuition payments; and if we could create
deep social bonds and connections among our young families; together, these
elements would create the foundation for a new cadre of Beth Sholom members
who would energize our future.

Nine years later, Beth Sholom's Early Learning Center has been able to
accomplish all of these goals through the Brodie Family Preschool Initiative.
Over these past nine years, while the percentage of Jewish families sending
their children to other preschools in our neighborhood has diminished
precipitously, Beth Sholom's student population now consists of the highest
percentage of Jewish families on the Old York Road Corridor by a wide margin –
even as we continue to remain a diverse and inclusive school. Our families
have created a vibrant and active Parent Teacher Organization that creates
both social and educational programs for our families. Throughout the year,
parents meet with both our rabbi and cantor for Jewish enrichment and social
connection. Several of our preschool families have gone on to take leadership
roles on our congregational Board of Directors. In fact, two of our current
preschool parents serve as Officers of our congregation.

All of this has been made possible with the generosity and the support of the
entire Brodie family. This team effort was made possible by Steve and Elizabeth,
Jacob and Kristina, and now by Howard and Jimena. The Brodie family has
turned our dream from almost a decade ago into a living reality.
In gratitude for the Brodie family's faith in our congregation and our young families;
their faith in our Director of Early Learning Eileen Weingram, her assistant Bernice
Schwartz, and our incredible teachers; and, in gratitude for the Brodie family's vision
and generosity that has brought us to this time, we are proud to announce that
the name of Beth Sholom Congregation's preschool will now be known as The
Brodie Family Early Learning Center at Beth Sholom Congregation.

May The Brodie Family Early Learning Center continue to grow and thrive in the
coming years, and may our congregation continue to be strengthened by our Early
Learning families who are helping to ensure a vibrant future for our congregation.

Herb Sachs, President
Rabbi David Glanzberg-Krainin, Raymond and Ruth Perelman Senior Rabbinic Chair
Eileen Weingram, Director of Early Learning

Mon, November 29 2021 25 Kislev 5782