The Shabbat Experience

The Shabbat Experience @ Beth Sholom

All Beth Sholom congregants, including families with children in grades k-12 participate in The Shabbat Experiences. Programs take place on Friday nights, Shabbat mornings, or Havdallah services. We have six programs planned over the course of the school year where students and their families will experience shabbat, be exposed to guest speakers, share Shabbat meals together and learn together.

What can you look forward to this year at our TSE program?

Good friends, Shabbat food, and great community. As in previous years, during our Shabbat morning program, we offer several davening options. We are committed to offering a traditional service, a shorter family inclusive service, and a preschool service.

The entire TSE committee looks forward to celebrating Shabbat with you this year. If you would like to join our committee, please contact Rabbi Merow (215-887-1342).


2015-2016  Shabbat Experience    "Mitzvot for a #MeaningfulLife"

Next Date: November 21, 2015

RSVP to Julie Glass or 215.887.1342  ext.216
Cost for dinner $5/ $20 family


The Shabbat Experience: Mitzvot for a #MeaningfulLife

Holiness is in Every Place-Do you Know It?

November 21, 2015


Overarching Goal: To teach that Mitzvah (plural, Mitzvot) traditionally means commandment.  Mitzvah has also come to mean Jewish actions.  The performance of mitzvot is meant to:

1.    Refine our personalities

2.   Sanctify & elevate us spiritually

3.   Nourish and nurture our Jewish identity

4.   Connect us to God, other Jews, and to humanity, thus making our lives more meaningful

Enduring Knowledge: Holiness can be found in every moment of our lives. From everyday moments to celebrations to tragedies, our tradition provides practices and mitzvot that enrich our lives and make it more meaningful. 


9:15-10:00am                     Congregational Service            Bornstein Auditorium

Rabbi Merow & Hazzan Weber

10:00-10:10am                  Snack                                                Spielman Foyer

10:00-11:15am                   Babysitting (preschool age)  Infant/Toddler Center

10:10-11:00am                   Adult learning                              Adults choose one

Rabbi Steve Brown            A Day in a #MeaningfulLife                   Sisterhood Sanctuary

How, through blessings, to notice God in everyday life.

Rabbi Robert Layman      Tradition or Law in a #MeaningfulLife           Price Chapel

How to find God in our lives through both tradition and law.

Rabbi Andrea Merow        Money Matters in a #Meaningul Life   Bornstein Auditorium

How to make financial decisions in a way to keep God and holiness present in them.


10:10-10:50am                  Kids Program                               Rotating Stations

Tza'ar Ba'alei Hayyim/Compassion to animals                                  Fischman Foyer

Kids will hear from people who have experience with therapy dogs and maybe even meet a real therapy dog.  Animals enrich our lives and it is a mitzvah to care for them.

Beth Porter; Ronne Hellmann; Marcelle Shapiro; Ana Apter


Shmirat HaLashon/Guarding your tongue                                         Fischman Auditorium

JTC students will put on a skit about gossip.  Not gossiping is a mitzvah and by being aware of what we say and don't say, our lives are holier.

Julie Glass; Suzanne Kronstadt

Hiddur P'nei Zakken/Honoring those older than you                       Room 102

Kids will listen to an interesting story told by an older person about when they were young.  We can learn from those who are older than us.  Honoring them by listening to their stories is a mitzvah and makes our lives more meaningful.

Muriel Tabas; Michelle Ravitch

Bal Tash'hit/Preserving the earth                                                         Library

Kids will make a mancala game out of m & ms and an egg carton and discuss what the rainbow means and meant to Noah, and about the value of recycling and reusing. Saturday night follow up email will include instructions to reuse water bottles and egg cartons.  We only have one world and taking care of it is a mitzvah. Through things like rainbows, God reminds us of the holiness of our earth. We can help God to continue creation by finding ways to reuse and recycle.

Emily Goldberg; Talma Solar

10:50-11:00am                  Kids Wrap-Up                               All kids together

Ma'akhil R'evim/Feeding the Hungry                                                  Finkel-Sterling

All kids will come together to pack and decorate Chanukah bags to distribute with the Pantry Shabbat bags.  Helping to provide food for those less fortunate than us is a mitzvah. Giving to others makes our lives holier and more meaningful.

Robin Katz; Gayle Vogel (?); Bonnie Gold


11:00am-12:00pm            Congregational Service            Bornstein Auditorium

Rabbi Merow starts; Hazzan Weber continues after Torah service


11:00am-12:00pm            Family Service                              Sisterhood Sanctuary

Hazzan Weber & Ana start; Rabbi Merow continues

Two learning/review pieces being coordinated by Ana/Julie


11:15am-12:00pm             Tot Shabbat                                  Price Chapel

Beth Porter


12:00-12:30pm                  Lunch                                               Fischman Auditorium


12:30-1:30pm                     Babysitting (preschool age)  Infant/Toddler Center


12:30-1:30pm                     Lunch and Learn                         Bornstein Auditorium

Devora Greenberg-teaching about Rodef Shalom


12:30-1:30pm                     Kids programming                    Fischman Auditorium

Learning about Rodef Shalom

Run by Ana & Julie


TSE Dates
Saturday November 21, 2015
Saturday January 16, 2016
Saturday February 20, 2016
Saturday April 9, 2016
Friday May 6, 2016

Despite the fact that we are no longer able to receive grant monies from the Legacy Heritage foundation, Beth Sholom will continue to heavily subsidize the cost of our Shabbat Experience. For this reason, we are asking our families to contribute to the cost of our two dinners for our Shabbat Experience this year. Lunches will continue to be free.     
The Shabbat Experience is generously sponsored by The Temple Sholom Legacy Fund