Early Learning at Beth Sholom Congregation

The clergy, staff, and Board of Beth Sholom wish MAZAL TOV to Eileen Weingram and the entire teaching staffing of our preschool, now known as Early Learning at Beth Sholom, for becoming a Keystone Star 4 program. "Keystone Stars" is an initiative of the PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning to improve, support and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs in Pennsylvania. Star 4 is the highest level of achievement and recognizes schools for high standards in teaching, management, staff development and more. We are so proud of our Early Learning staff for providing such a stellar program for our youngest learners. Mazal Tov!


Early Learning at Beth Sholom Congregation provides an array of infant and toddler care, preschool and kindergarten options that work best for your child and your family.  Simply put, our programs offer a loving, stimulating and creative environment where your child will grow cognitively and emotionally. Nurtured by a professional team that includes teachers, assistants, administrators and rabbis, our children enjoy learning in the context of the Jewish calendar, holidays, traditions and more.  Each child is recognized for who they are and are constantly encouraged to learn from one another on the playground, in the classroom or even at the water fountain!

Our families are fortunate to have choices as they select an exceptional early education program for their children. Beginning at age 3, a child can enroll in either a traditional program or a Jewish Montessori program.


Among the things that make the early childhood program at Beth Sholom Congregation unique, is our Jewish Montessori program.  Run by Lucia Pagano, a certified Montessori Directress, our program uniquely brings the philosophy of Maria Montessori to a Jewish context.  We are among only 39 schools in the United States that do so.  Our multi-age classrooms are "team taught" by a certified Montessori teacher and one of our Israeli teachers.  It is a perfect combination if you are interested in this educational philosophy in a Jewish context.  Click here to learn more about the Jewish Montessori network and feel free to come observe these classrooms in action. 


Our traditional program offers an exciting preschool experience for your child.  Full of adventure and exploration, our program headed by beloved director, Beth Porter, has been a stellar program for over 35 years, having graduated over 2,000 kids!  Your child can join the fun at any time throughout the year with separate classes for two-year olds, three/four year-olds and pre-kindergarten.  Socialization is a key component with your child being an integral part of the group dynamic. 

In both programs your child will participate in science lessons, story-time, reading readiness activities, letter
recognition,art, music, science, cooking and more!  Our beautiful campus and historic Frank Lloyd Wright sanctuary are among the resources we are fortunate to enjoy.

The programs at Beth Sholom Congregation provide students of diverse backgrounds with a solid foundation of Jewish holidays, rituals and Shabbat.  Unique to our preschool is a curriculum rooted in Jewish values, weekly gym provided by Power Fit Kids and a weekly music class.   We assess the progress of our students on an on-going basis and partner closely with our parents. Our PTO is an integral and enjoyable part of the preschool experience for all our families.



I was first drawn to Beth Sholom Goldman Preschool because of their Montessori program. I thought that the combination of Montessori and Jewish education would be perfect for my son. He started in the 2-year old nursery school program and I was instantly thrilled with the school, their loving staff and the education he was receiving. One night, when he had just turned 3, I asked him to name all the people who love him. After listing Mommy, Daddy, his sister and grandparents, he then listed his teachers. It's a wonderful feeling to know that my child is cared for so well by everyone at Beth Sholom.