Beth Sholom is a place that strives to feel like a home to its members.  We do our best to live up to the name of our congregation - Beth Sholom - which means "House of Peace."  Whether it is the education and youth activities we offer for our children, or the social, religious, musical, and educational opportunities we offer for adults, we strive to help our members feel a sense of belonging to, and ownership in, our Jewish community.

Help our members to grow.  Beth Sholom Congregation is an extraordinarily diverse community whose members are at different points on their Jewish journeys.  Some of us come from traditional Jewish homes; others of us have little or no Jewish education or background. Some feel passionate about social justice and activism; others wish to grow in their Jewish learning. We take seriously the Torah's message that we are all created in the image of the Divine.  Wherever you are in your own journey, the vast array of activities open to you at Beth Sholom are meant to invite you to share your particular gifts and talents with the community as a whole. At Beth Sholom, we recognize that our growth and well-being as a congregation depends upon the growth and well-being of our members. Whether you are new to the area or have been here for many years, Beth Sholom Congregation is committed to enriching your Jewish Life. We invite you to link your Jewish journey with your journey of our congregational family.

We hope that as you consider membership in our congregation, you will be in touch with us so that we can establish a personal relationship. contact Julie Glass call at 215-887-1342 ext. 216, or be in touch via e-mail at

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Here is what members are saying:

What a Wonderful Synagogue Community

The day started out uneventfully with a full day of work ahead and plans for my wife and I to attend evening minyan to observe the Yarzheit of a parent. Late that afternoon, we received unfavorable news about our daughter and had to cancel our plans to grab a quick dinner before minyan.
By the time we arrived at Beth Sholom, it was 7:05 pm and only a handful of adults were in the Price Chapel. After a long day and with all good intentions, my wife and I resigned ourselves to the fact that we would not be able to pray during the Minchah and Marriv services and to say Kaddish. We felt dejected.
And then something special happened. Al and Patti First instinctively and immediately knew why we were in the Price Chapel. As if on cue, they spent at least 15 minutes calling members and asking fellow congregants who were at synagogue for a different reason to help make a minyan. Al persisted despite the lack of a call list.
By 7:25 pm we had a minyan and were able to honor the memory of our parent, to thank G-d that our daughter was okay and to ask G-d to continue to bless the Beth Sholom Community. We arrived dejected and left uplifted. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful synagogue community.